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butterfly project




What is the Butterfly Project?

In the Philippines, sexual exploitation of children is on the rise. Boys and girls are being raped in their homes, sold into slavery, and exploited online for the enjoyment of men from all over the world. We believe this is an emergency. First Love is addressing this grave problem by providing long-term, Christian aftercare homes for children who have been mistreated by adults.

The Butterfly Project is a group effort to rescue and restore these precious children. Our goal is to help children begin a brand new life, just like a butterfly does. First Love provides a safe, peaceful, insulated environment for a child as they transform and find new life in Jesus. It’s like being in a cocoon! Sometimes the healing process can be a long one. It takes a lot of time, energy, and love to bring children from trauma to restoration. Eventually, we see our children become healthy, new creations who are ready to fly on their own!

How can I help?

In order to care for our children properly, First Love provides for all of their needs: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  

We are building a team of people like you who would be willing to help sponsor our homes’ operations for 1 day!

Caring for these children can be costly, if we are going to do it right. It is more than just providing a roof and a bed. You can help by providing our children with good food, medical help, psychiatric and counseling visits, a quality education, security, social workers, and an amazing staff of loving caregivers. These things add up, and operations at our 2 homes costs $200 per day! We are looking for 365 friends who are willing to support 1 day of operations with a gift for $200. Are you able to help in this way? What about your church or small group?

Don’t let the amount of $200 keep you from helping these little butterflies! Any amount you can sacrifice will make a tremendous impact!

You may send your check to First Love International, PO Box 15836, Loves Park, IL, 61132 and indicate “The Butterfly Project” in the memo line, or to donate online simply click the button below. Signing up will only take a minute! Then, click on “support a specific missionary or ministry” and select The Butterfly Project!

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