Ministries in Ukraine

Ministries in Ukraine

Children’s Hope Ukraine – Kiev, Ukraine

Children’s Hope Ukraine partners with Christian families of Ukraine to reach abandoned children and provide Christ-centered homes.  They focus on developing lifelong relationships, teaching and encouraging children to reach their full potential and preparing them for life on their own. 

CHU team


Rosalynn Prough

Rosalynn Prough has lived in Zhytomyr, Ukraine since 2006. She works alongside Ukrainian nationals in providing loving, Christ-centered homes for orphans. What began with one couple taking in five orphans has expanded to three families with over 25 kids.

Rosalynn helps these Ukrainian families by coming alongside them and being of assistance in any way she can. This means doing English homework with the teenagers in the evenings, inviting over the littlest kids on the weekend to give mama and papa a small break, and just being a part of the kids’ lives – whether that’s attending their music recitals, playing board games, or going camping.

Support helps to provide for the children’s education, Christian summer camps, family trips, conferences and training for the parents, as well as for meeting many other various needs such as collecting humanitarian aid for refugees from Ukraine’s war-torn east or buying snacks for our church’s Jr. High gathering.
All of our children come from neglectful or abusive backgrounds. They have been wounded and abandoned by the very people who should have loved them the most. They come to us hurting and confused. There is no quick fix for these kids. Building trust and breaking down the walls they’ve built around their hearts takes years. It is never easy and often painful, but we thank God that He is faithful. He has always loved our kids and has always been with them. Jesus is bringing healing to their hearts and is at work in their lives day after day and year after year. We rejoice that many have come to know Him as their Savior, and we continue to fight and pray that all of them would make that decision. We believe that God is raising up a generation of Ukrainian orphans who will love and follow after Christ, who will break free from the chains of their parents’ and grandparents’ pasts, and who will teach their own children to love and keep His commandments.
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Daniel and Janna Ross

The Rosses moved to Ukraine in 2011.  They oversee Second Chance Transition Home and are in charge of communications for Children’s Hope Ukraine. 

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