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Operation Hope

Operation Hope


For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11.

The Situation


Nairobi, Kenya is the home to the worlds largest slum: Kibera.
Over 1 million people crammed together on 6oo acres.
No paved roads or walkways. No clean water. No sewers.
Debris and rubbish littered everwhere.  Hunger, death and disease are rampant.
Today there are over 50,000 orphans in Kibera.

Providing Hope and a Future

Operation Hope is the name of a ministry of love and  compassion that First Love International Ministries launched in April 2004 in an attempt to rescue orphaned boys and girls from an otherwise hopeless situation in the Kibera slum.

First Love Kenya currently operates several ministires to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those living in desperate poverty in slums in the Nairobi area of Kenya.




First Love Kenya’s Children’s Home provides a safe, loving, Christ -centered environment to grow and learn.

The children have been orphaned through AIDS, disease, violence, or simply been abandoned by their parents.

First Love becomes the legal guardian for each of the children, and provides for all of their physical and educational needs.









First Love’s Food for Life ministry currently feeds 1,700 starving kids a day in Kenya.

Our goal is to feed 5,000 hungry kids a day by 2015.

$3 / MONTH provides breakfast and lunch to an hungry child in Kenya.

Feed the 5,000 Sponsor Form



Providing a livelihood for widows and single mothers by teaching them to sew.

The Baraka women make beautiful handbags, aprons, and other craft items that First Love sells in the states to provide an income for their families.

They have also made the curtains for the children’s home and school uniforms for the Raila Education center.




Click here for the Operation Hope Brochure PDF [2.6 MB]


When Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines, First Love was already on the ground providing food, water, and temporary shelter.  As the enormity of the destruction became clear, First Love launched Operation Hope Philippines to share the love of Jesusby rebuild homes of widows, churches, and lives devastated by Haiyan.  Working with local churches, First Love will identify widows who need their homes rebuilt.  We are also rebuilding churches that were destroyed so that they can providing feeding programs and other ongoing services to those affected by the typhoon.